Happy Thanksgiving! Around here, we’re grateful that I’ve hit the big thirty-week mark, and that we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with La Gigi, El Papa, and Mimi. Big thanks to Herr Husband and my parents for all the work they had to do today. We didn’t let a clogged kitchen sink or a midmeal toddler puke derail us, because we have too much for which we are thankful!

Also, check out Das Big Boy’s amazing orange wide-wale cords. Thanks, Cherry Picked!

My two dudes. Could they be any more handsome?

Das Big Boy and Mimi, my ninety-nine-year-old grandmother. He adores her. (And she him, obvs.) It’s awesome.

La Gigi, Das Big Boy, and El Papa. Adorbs.




One Comment on “Grateful”

  1. Happy day Leda . Thanks for posting…you are a heroine. Enjoy family and love. This period will pass like a dream, and bring untold gratitude. Much love.

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