Adorable in a way that says “It’s the 70s.” Why is my toddler aesthetic so defined by my own youth? Vanity? Hmm….

Most of what I have to share today is a photo of Das Big Boy being adorable. Shocker.

This reminds me of a time during my first year of teaching when a boisterous student (who is a sometimes reader of this blog–I wonder if she’ll remember this story! If so: Hi, hon! Love you!) informed me that she was a Leo.

“Shocker,” I replied sardonically.

This set of a firestorm, during which said student and many others used the term shocker, as many times as possible in my class for weeks.

What I wanted to say, and probably would have said in subsequent years of teaching, was, “Seriously? You think I don’t know what that is?” But instead, I tried to ignore it, and finally issued a (wildly ineffective) general crack-down on vociferous behavior in my classroom.

A funny thing about students is that they think they invented sex and drinking and drugs and rock & roll and dirty jokes, when the truth is, we feel like we did. But this realization made me aware that my parents probably felt the same way about me. Going back pretty much to the dawn of time.

In related news, La Gigi sometimes asks me if I write this blog to be sure I’ll never get a teaching job again. To which I reply to another reader, my former boss, “Boss, what do you think?” And also, “Love you!” I imagine her saying, “This blog is tamer than most of what I thought went on in your classroom.”

Also, I’ll obviously have to take it private before I apply for jobs again.

That’s all for today. Still pregnant. Still on the couch. Still having Braxton Hicks and trying not to stress about them. Still sending big love to all my readers and supporters. Still wearing the footie pajamas pictured yesterday.


4 Comments on “Shocker…”

  1. Tina says:

    Luckily, when the time comes, you will only be reapplying to aforementioned boss, right? And since she’s cool with it, you will never have to worry about any of your doughnut posts.

  2. Lauda says:

    hopefully your students weren’t referring to the other usage of ‘shocker’…. in which case i can see why your former boss would think that this blog is tame. (sidebar, do people really search ‘incompetent cervix’? if so, awes. also, ‘inconsiderate’ comes to mind as well. b/c really, it is just downright rude.)

  3. Lauda says:

    (i am clearly v tired and of course your students meant the crass version of ‘shocker’. duh, hence the following paragraph. my apologies. brain signing off for the evening.)

  4. Your writing makes you and even better teacher and anyone worth their salt, salarium, will get it.

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