Yes, I opened today’s post with a video of my snoring toddler. He snores when he gets congested. And I think it’s hilarious and adorable, even if it’s a sign of suboptimal health. Mother of the Year contender right here, I tell you.

More of my day was spent in bed than usual. What? you say, but you’re on BEDrest. What gives? Well, usually, I make my way to the couch where I spend the majority of my day. It feels important to have separate spaces for daytime and nighttime (bedrest advice alert!). Also, by bed, I should point out that I mean the pull-out couch in our tiny TV room where Herr Husband and I have been sleeping. Thankfully, we bought a memory foam topper before his parents’ last visit to make it more comfortable, so it’s not bad. Last night was not a great night for sleeping, attributable mostly to the fact that a wakeful toddler joined us for much of the night. He just didn’t sleep well. I’m not sure why, as his minor cold seems to be mostly gone. Anyway, usually we don’t bring him to bed with us because he hates our mattress upstairs (he’s not the only one, but I don’t have time for that particular complaint at the moment). But last night, he really wanted me (which I loved, obvs, as I’ve become the backseat parent), so Herr Husband brought him downstairs, and he stayed here.

However, Das Big Boy (with an assist from cheese hangover) conspired against truly restful sleep, so I needed my extra time in bed today. How funny is it that there’s a difference between being in bed and being on the couch? But there is. I didn’t do as much actual napping as I would have liked (bedrest makes me exhausted, but terrible at sleeping), but I did lie down in the dark a lot which somehow helps with fatigue, ulcerative colitis symptoms, and irritable uterus. Sexy, huh?

Me and my dude in our footies.

Also to be filed under sexy? The awesome new footie pajamas that Herr Husband bought me at, you guessed it, Target. I had thought about just giving up and going for a snuggie, but decided that was sinking just too low, so Herr Husband suggested the jammies. Shown here, they also have sock monkey feet which is particularly cool because a sock monkey features prominently in one of Das Big Boy’s favorite books, I Must Have Bobo! (I just typed Boob instead of Bobo–what does that say about me?). We probably read this book seventy nights in a row for bedtime story, per his request. He has it memorized at this point, so we enjoy leaving out words and phrases and having him fill them in. Recently, he’s enjoyed more variety (and so have we): Skippyjon Jones, Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones, and Maisy’s Bedtime have all been popular choices, and during the day the complete George and Martha collection and Tove Jansson have been his go-to reads.

Speaking of reads, I just finished Ann Patchett’s Run. I liked it in the way I’ve like all of her books. Her prose is deft and pretty, her characters sharp and specific, her use of stereotype somewhat discomfiting (is she deconstructing stereotype? cheaply using it?), and her plot compelling. This one is set in Boston, and explores the intersection of two families– that of the white ex-mayor and his three sons (two of whom are adopted and black), and that of the boys’ black birth mother and her young daughter. Like all of Patchett’s novels that I’ve read, it has an abrupt shift towards the end and a cheerier, but still uneasy epilogue.

Since I got a C- in napping today, I’m heading to bed relatively early. Sweet dreams, dear readers. (Das Big Boy has just learned the phrase “Sweet dreams” and said it to me last night as his dad carted him up the stairs. Adorable, even if not exactly prophetic for the night’s sleep he and I were about to get…)


One Comment on “Bedtime!”

  1. Lauda says:

    cutest. pic. ever. could das big boy be happier??? no, he could not! bliss. that is the look on his face. that little dude loves his mama!

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