Got it

Hello, hello, blogoworld!

Das Big Boy pops out from my blanket where he’s been “hiding!” This is one of his favorite new games. He’s getting better at the concept of not giving himself away by giggling or shouting “hiding!”

As disturbed as some people were by the now infamous donut post, it seems some wonderful folks were concerned about last night’s somewhat mopey post. A dear family friend–who herself spent eighteen (!) weeks on bedrest carrying incredible twins to thirty-eight weeks (we might term her Miracle Mama)–was supposed to come hang with me today. But when she called this morning, she said, “You sounded tired on your blog. Is it the best day for a visit? Because I so get if it isn’t and I want to do what’s going to be best for you.” I confessed to my exhaustion, but also really wanted to see her. I’d so been looking forward to her visit because she’s another one of those people whose great energy is infectious. So she decided to pop over for just a few minutes (with gifties and TV on DVD.  Had I told her that bedrest made me crave the escapism of period pieces, or did she just know?). Awesome.
And another Supermom, who herself has gorgeous twins who are kicking butt in the NICU as we speak, emailed me to make sure I was ok.

Nanny Sunshine was adamant that I nap today. She pretty much insisted, and there isn’t a bossy bone in her body (unlike my body, which may be comprised entirely of bossy bones. I blame the years of teaching, but Herr Husband, La Gigi, and most of my friends assert that I was always this way. Humph).

Uncle B, my beloved senior-year-English-teacher-turned-lifelong-friend dropped by today as well. Before leaving, he said, “You know, some people say bed rest sounds great, but I imagine it’s terrible.” And again, I felt understood.

So to the many folks who’ve messaged me recently (and I want to and will write you individually, but please know that I LOVE that you’re reading, and I LOVE, LOVE having your support), to the folks who’ve checked in today, and especially to those who have taken good care of me these past twenty-three days, thank you! You’ve cheered me again.

On a lighter note, here are some things that happened recently:

–Today, Das Big Boy gave Nanny Sunshine what she assured me was a gentle push to the side, and then said, “[Nanny Sunshine] is a teapot!” (She and La Gigi have been singing “I’m a Little Tea Pot” with him.)

I have nothing to say except that I continue to think my kid is adorable. And I’m not sure you’re supposed to say things like that as a parent. But as a preemie parent, I always gave myself a pass. Apparently it’s a lifetime pass.

–Das Big Boy has learned to pronounce his name. He still says Hito sometimes, but soon I know it will fade away, and I will miss it. Like I miss how he used to say “Nein!” instead of “no.” This was also during an unfortunate goose-stepping phase and had my mother and I concerned that he might be the reincarnation of my great grandfather, who may have been a Nazi (not a believing Nazi, as he was married to a Jew, but still). For more on this topic, buy my book. Available (at this rate) in fifteen or thirty-five years.

–Das Big Boy made me a macaroni necklace today (with NS’s help, obvs). It was my first such necklace, and later when I thought about how cute it was I got a little teary.

–I read The Cat’s Table, by Michael Ondaatje. Fantastic novel. Poetic, haunting, vivid prose. Sharp characters. Sneaky narrative. Its anecdotes all fit together–they mostly detail the narrator’s three-week boat journey from Ceylon to London–but in a slightly kaleidoscopic way, that shifts a bit as memories do. And the narrator, who is himself now a writer, is up front about the limits of his perspective as an eleven-year-old boy, even as he remembers things in precise detail. Highly recommended.

–Now I’m reading Defending Jacob, by William Landay. This is not a fun book for parents (in it, an ADA’s son is tried for the murder of a classmate). The prose is functional at best. The characters aren’t terribly rich and compelling. But I can’t put it down.

–I was awakened by a terrible smell in the middle of the night. I knew the smell was the product of something created by Sniekus, who in addition to 1) being beautiful and 2) vomiting a lot, also has IBS which causes unfortunate incidents and accidents on occasion. I admit it was a small consolation that I medically couldn’t get out of bed to look for the source of said stink. I merely hoped that Herr Husband would find it before Das Big Boy did. As it turns out, it was contained on a blanket on the floor in our room and easily washed. Have you gotten the sense yet that this is a house of puke and poop? Are you impressed? Jealous? Or just glad that you’ve never had to dine here?

The aforementioned incident is part of why I need to catch up on sleep, which I intend to do immediately.


4 Comments on “Got it”

  1. Artie says:

    You are doing great and remember to tell John that I do have some free time to help, with the campaigns over.

    Hugs to all,

  2. Unfortunately, dear Leda, it truly is now all about US, your loyal readers! So thank you for your upbeat post, I feel better for me. (!) and for you. Remember a tough day is usually followed by a better one and you are now 29 weeks and 1 day. Onto 30! Xxxxxooo your son is adorable. Get that masseuse!

  3. Jenn Zuntag, cousin :) says:

    I love your spirit. Must be a Murcia trait. You will like Defending Jacob; email me when you’re done so we can discuss.

  4. Lauda says:

    Can’t believe you’re still in touch with Uncle B! That’s so awes! Please give him and Aunty G a hug for me. I remember them both with such affection. That is wonderful you have such good friends to come and visit you whilst on your AMAZING bedrest (which sounds fun for exactly 3hrs). I don’t know how you’re doing it, but you have proven to be full of courage and strength and you are keeping that cervix shut go*damn it! GO YOU! I also enjoy your book reviews, so keep ’em coming 🙂 Every pic of Das Big Boy brings a smile to my face, so I can only imagine how much joy he brings every day. Amazing how far he (and you) have come! Besos grandes!

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