29 Weeks

Das Big Boy in his adorable new sweater, selected for him by Nanny Sunshine who took me on a vicarious shopping trip to Old Navy. Amazing.

Yes, I’m branching out into new territory yet again. Baby Girl HH and I have made it to 29 weeks! Of course I’m excited, but I get nervous about getting overly excited; after all, 29 weeks is still very early. Plus, sometimes it feels like I got complacent (or as complacent as one can be after PPROMing) during my pregnancy with Das Big Boy and then I delivered. I guess I just feel this odd pressure to not feel too happy or confident when things are going well, and to not feel too freaked out or sad or stressed when things are going poorly. Continued efforts at Zen. It’s a good thing I took all those Eastern religion classes in college.

Apologies for being a bit on the dull side this evening. Maybe it’s a side effect of trying to be measured. Or maybe it’s that I’m exhausted.

But I do offer a photo for your viewing pleasure. Hope it makes your reading worthwhile.


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