While Herr Husband’s Away…

No code name for you, sir. That’s what happens when you are a pukey-pants. But a beautiful pukey-pants.

Hipster Hausfrau will continue to flop on the couch, and poor La Gigi will get stuck with tasks like cleaning up cat puke and

toddler puke.  My to-be-sainted mother just had to take all of our trash to the curb–our fair town lacks basic human services like waste removal, but we’ve elected to pay for trash pick-up during these trying times–and returned to the house to be informed that her other grandson, Sniekus, had vomited. At least he had the courtesy to do so on hardwood floors as opposed to rugs, but still.
Yes, Herr Husband is in an undisclosed location for a work trip. He’ll be back Friday morning at 1 am. As El Papa is in a different undisclosed location (fine, it’s Cuba) for work, he is unavailable to help. Obviously, Nanny Sunshine is being a goddess and working extra hours. But it is lucky La Gigi who has to sleep here and deal with all fun nighttime activities (feeding me and Das Big Boy dinner, bedtime, trash night, cat puke, nighttime wake-ups, etc.). So we should all thank La Gigi for being so wonderful. Dinner, btw, was a delicious quinoa and veggie stew–thanks to the pal/Topliff sister who brought it over!

I’m hoping Herr Husband actually gets to enjoy a night of luxurious, fluffy, uninterrupted hotel sleep, as opposed to his usual fare of pullout couch with covers-hogging wife and toddler who’s more wakeful what with all the confusion in his life. Oh, and his usual fare of having to either work or take care of someone every single second, which I know is like being any working parent. Except this working parent is a single parent with a live-in invalid relative.

More lovely photos from Nanny Sunshine at the park. She texts them to me so I can feel like I am there. She is, as we say, amazing.

All of this is to say once again that I’m grateful for my helpers–husband, parents, nanny, friends–and to you, the readers who stuck with me after last night’s post and who continue to send love and positive thoughts my way. An excellent refinement of the cervical foods idea has been suggested, but I’ll spare you. For now.
All of this is also to say that I’ve enjoyed stalking Herr Husband at his undisclosed location using “Find My Friends” on my iPhone. Looks like he had a bunch of meetings in one boring place today. Take that, confidentiality!


3 Comments on “While Herr Husband’s Away…”

  1. Laura Thomas says:

    I have to say I did enjoy yesterday’s post. I also have to say I am learning a lot from you. I was talking my friend who is trying to get preggers and she is taking her temp every day to figure out best time for el sexo , and I thought that you had to take the temperature *down there*, like stick a thermometer *up* you. She was like, “ummm, no you just take your temperature in your mouth like a normal person.” Doh! So I, childless “career woman” (as a cabbie recently told me, since I’m single I’m clearly “married to my career”), am learning a lot from you sobre cervical doughnut filling etc. Also, boston creme is my fave too.

  2. Kendra says:

    Don’t forget the work you are doing, too! You are all to be commended for your cooperative efforts. Your life (at this moment) sounds like a healthy bee colony, where you are obviously the queen. Yay for interdependent, supportive society!

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