Two quick bits from today.

Das Big Boy, gleeful at the park where he enjoyed the flag and playing with sticks, rather than the traditional playground equipment and toys.

1) I went to the regular, not the high risk, OB and she was impressed with my cervical growth at my last appointment. She was less impressed when I told her I’d been feeling crampy–due, I believed, to my ulcerative colitis (I’d been having other symptoms which need not be detailed here), and having some braxton hicks. So I earned myself thirty minutes on the monitor, where I did just fine. I didn’t mind being monitored, to tell you the truth, because I’d rather have all the info. And tonight, unlike last night, I don’t plan to eat two servings of Chubby Hubby right before bed, so hopefully ulcerative colitis will back off a bit.

In more fun news, Das Big Boy has been reading Clifford’s Mannerswhich he picked out at the library with Nanny Sunshine. We’ve also independently been working on “please” and “thank you.” We were looking at the page where Clifford receives something and says, “thank you,” and I asked Das Big Boy, “What do you say when Mommy gives you something?”

“No!” he replied emphatically.

Truer words were never spoken.


One Comment on “And…No.”

  1. Mom says:

    Well, I have 2 things to add. 1) Das Big Boy LOVES to hurl all of his books on the floor. And he DOESN’t like to pick them up. Ever. There are not many things one can threaten to deny him. Sweets? Doesn’t care. TV? Doesn’t watch it. The basement? Now you’re talking! So, after he hurled all of his books in the breakfast room on the floor – 10 -12. LA Gigi (note to Hipster Hausfrau, La is the feminine!) informed him that she was going to the basement to do laundry and he was welcome to come AFTER he cleaned up the mess he had just made. Otherwise, no dice! Guess what? He put them all away. And pronto! Proving that he not only understands but is just like everyone else and will do as little as possible if he can get away with it!

    The other amazing thing was that when I went to get him out of his crib after his nap, I asked him did you have any dreams. He said, “Yah.” “What did you dream about?”, I asked. He replied, “Monkeys!” How smart is he? Not to mention CUTE!!!

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