Slow News Day

Unless you’re David Petraeus.

Around here, we read some new books, played with Das Big Boy’s new pizza set, and didn’t give birth to a baby. Good day all around.


The pigeon books are awesome.

Das Big Boy benefited from a continuation of a tradition that began when he was a bedrest baby; for each week of gestation, he got a new book which we read to him as a fetus, and later as a fetus who lived on the outside (also known as our baby). Today we bought some books for Baby Girl HH–we figured we owed her three because that’s how many gestational weeks she’s aged since bedrest began. Yes, Herr Husband picked books Das Big Boy would like, and we didn’t exactly tell him they were hers, but both kiddos (fetal and actual) got to enjoy them, so what’s the difference? Welcome to being the second born, Baby Girl HH. And welcome to sharing with your sister, Das Big Boy. Actually, as an only child I have no idea how this sibling thing works, but that’s a story for another day. Today’s acquisitions were Maisy’s Bedtime,Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones, and The Ducking Gets a Cookie!?.  All were hits, but I had to read the Duckling book six times. I do a particularly ridiculous (and if I dare say, authentic) voice for the pigeon, which is perhaps why Das Big Boy wanted to hear it on repeat. I also finished Barbara Kingsolver’s new novel, Flight Behavior, which I enjoyed very much for its prose and protagonist, but at times found too issue driven, as if her desire to make a point sometimes interfered with her storytelling. It needed one more comb-through so that the instructive scenes didn’t feel so much like lectures.


Can you refill my water? Can you get me that pillow? I know my phone is under me but I can’t find it….
“Right away, madam,” says the robot.

Herr Husband feels we need a robot to meet my constant requests. Anyone have one to lend us? And no, Roomba won’t cut it. We have him already.


2 Comments on “Slow News Day”

  1. zmichael21 says:

    Loved reading your blog today , and hearing what’s going on…

    Miss you guys a lot…

  2. slow news is good news…. xo

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