Bedrest Bulletin: Day 17


Not much to report here. We had a mellow day in the Husband Hausfrau Household. Hooray! Baby Girl HH’s kicks are getting powerful and visible to the outside observer. Das Big Boy had a wildman day for himself as well. He’s decided he no longer naps, but is sleeping twelve hours at night and will hang out in his crib for an hour in the afternoon, so it’s working for all of us.
This afternoon, Das Big Boy read Fox in Socks (which he is always careful to tell you is by Dr. Seuss) several times with Le Gigi, with me, and by himself (by which I mean he recited the parts he has memorized and looked at the pictures).  Afterwards, he dumped out the vegetables from the box made famous in yesterday’s video, in which he attempted to feed said box to Beejer the chimpanzee. Then Das Big Boy stood in the box. Le Gigi and I weren’t particularly impressed one way or the other until he informed us that he was “Hito (his pronunciation of his name) in Box,” with a huge grin on his face. Just like Knox in box in the book!

Nanny Sunshine took him to the playground this morning. He’d been running around like a madman and climbing on everything, so we thought he might have energy to burn. Once there, he mostly dug in the sand with the dump trucks. Highly typical.

She sent me some great photos from the field so I could see what he was up to! Adorable!

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a toddler who refuses to sit still until he gets to a big open space.

I find Instagram particularly fitting with Das Big Boy’s hair. But I never remember to use it because I’m old. Nanny Sunshine to the rescue!

Das Big Boy is working on solving the energy crisis and climate change by making a car that runs on dried leaves.


One Comment on “Bedrest Bulletin: Day 17”

  1. Artie says:

    Glad baby is still waiting and growing. Please remind John that if he needs any help.around the house to please ask.

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