A Milestone

28 weeks!

It’s a milestone we had hoped to celebrate with Das Big Boy. Everyone had grown a bit complacent; I’d held out post rupture (sounds like a uterine apocalypse) for so long that we were starting to believe I could just keep going. But it wasn’t to be. We actually had plans for that day. It was a Saturday. My OB–the fabulous Katarina Eisinger–was going to come into the hospital. (A faculty physician at Columbia Presbyterian, she was amazing: coming to see me every time she had hours in clinic or was on the floor, plus occasional other visits. And she called all the time to check on me, and made sure I got excellent care. She kept complete control of my case even though I was inpatient, so I always had someone consistent to go to with questions or concerns). Anyway, we were going to do my GD test and eat cupcakes (while we waited for the results). Herr Husband even bought candles–a two and an eight. Remember that 28 weeks is a big milestone for preemie health.

We’re depriving your baby of all human contact while he’s supposed to be in the womb. Isn’t it adorable?

And then I delivered at twenty-seven weeks and five days.  We celebrated 28 weeks with Das Big Boy on the outside, in an incubator–(I HATE the term isolette, which tries to cutesify your baby’s heartbreaking isolation). We hadn’t been allowed to hold him yet, just to touch him briefly. So those candles always had a way of making us sad that we’d allowed ourselves to hope so much.

But we’re going to bust out those candles (we saved them, obvs) to celebrate Baby Girl HH’s hitting the 28 week milestone. Cupcakes await.

But lest you fear that Das Big Boy is getting cheated because we’re stealing his candles to celebrate his sister’s milestone that he never achieved, you can check out what he did today with his awesome Nanny Sunshine. He seems pretty happy to me. Also, this had been going on for a good twenty minutes when I started filming. Amazing.


One Comment on “A Milestone”

  1. mmmarzipan says:

    A very moving post. You’ve been through a great deal of hardship… I wish you all the best with the remainder of your pregnancy and with being able to celebrate many more milestones with both your little ones 🙂 Enjoy your cupcakes!

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