Horizontal Happy Dance

Horizontal Happy Dance sounds naughty (none of that here; I’ve been on “pelvic rest” since basically the moment I found out I was pregnant. I just mean that I’m happy). But I’m very afraid of jinxiness, of reminding the gods to even things out, of the proverbial plummet of the other shoe. But that doesn’t mean I can keep my good news all to myself.

First off all, I got to employ my fantasy Facebook status after all: “It’s official. I can say it. I’m the most pregnant I’ve ever been, and thankfully, my daughter will be born into an Obama presidency.” (It’s yielded an impressive 91 likes).

As you know, all of my candidates won, which was a wonderful relief, and which gives me renewed hope for our country and the direction in which it’s heading. I stayed up watching results, and ultimately fell asleep just as Barack took the stage. One weird thing about sleeping downstairs is that we have a TV in our room, something I’ve never had before (and which in general I don’t want). It’s like being in a hotel, especially since my whole life is room service (Damn it! Bedrest-as-glamorous-false-impression continues!) The election and its attendant anxieties helped take my mind of my uterus and its attendant anxieties, and the good results of course helped my mood. All of it took my mind somewhat off my cervical length check this morning. And because the appointment was so early, we had no time to sit around and worry before heading to the hospital. So I only had a chance to be panicky in the car, and then as Herr Husband wheeled me through the hospital, and then as I waited for the ultrasound.

Hands off my cervix. Haven’t you heard I’m on pelvic rest?

We had to wait a few minutes for Dr. Ralston, the high risk doc (Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist). I wanted him there for the exam because he’s the one who saw me last week, and ultrasound is very subjective so I figured he’d have the most consistent perspective. I also like him because he answers all of my questions well and thoroughly, and is very honest, direct, and cautious. He also has a good sense of humor, which is good because I make awkward jokes when I’m nervous and he laughs at them.

The news: I actually seem to have gotten some cervix back, and the funnel seems to be narrower (he theorizes it probably expands when I contract, but he felt he could give me credit for more closed length than last week or the week before). It was better! Now, let’s not get too excited. One’s cervix can increase and decrease in length. (Imagine moving your fingers up to lengthen the neck of an inflated balloon, or lowering them to shorten the neck of the balloon. That neck is my cervix. Get your fingers off my cervix!). But still, he felt I was stable enough that he doesn’t feel the need to see me next week (unless anything changes). So I don’t have to go back for two weeks! And things are stable!

We’re not allowing ourselves to get excited, but being stable is so much better than having scary changes. And we hit another milestone tomorrow: 28 weeks gestation, which is a big one in terms of brain health–kids born after this gestational age are less likely to have major brain bleeds.

Then Nanny Sunshine sent us this adorable video of Das Big Boy performing Humpty Dumpty, which she taught him. Perhaps next she can teach him the Humpty Dance, except she’s ten or fifteen years too young to know it. So that will just have to be his mother’s job, once she’s done being a Victorian consumptive. (Take a minute to imagine Emily Brontë teaching you the Humpty Dance…**)

Toddlers are very good at living in the now.

So it’s been a good twenty-four or so hours for us. I’m trying to accept it without getting excited or thinking too far into the future. I’ve been through this before and know how quickly things can turn around, or go from good to bad. Time for more efforts at Zen from Hipster Hausfrau…

I’ll try to take a lesson from this guy.




**It should be noted that I consider Emily Brontë more of a Romantic writer than a Victorian one (though Wuthering Heights is of course in part about the clash of these two worldviews…). But she’s still the consumptive I’d want to teach me the Humpty Dance.


4 Comments on “Horizontal Happy Dance”

  1. zippidee dooo dah! Such great news.
    Everyday counts.
    Das Big Boy knows this. Your little girl knows this.
    Get as many under your belt as you can.
    I will call and come visit soon.
    GOBAMA and GO LEDA! xo

  2. Angelina says:

    Oh my GOD, Theo is so cute.

  3. Jess Margolin says:

    Hi Leda,

    Theo is adorable. We are rooting for you and your family here in NYC.

  4. mmmarzipan says:

    Your son is lovely! And congrats on making it to 28 weeks! I am 27 weeks and, like you, I have been on pelvic rest since the very start. I too have been given the “high risk” label for my pregnancy (due to major hemorrhaging and late SCH diagnosis) and spent a big chunk of it on bed rest, but with everyday/week/milestone it all feels so much better. Sending my best to you for a happy, healthy remainder of your pregnancy. Btw, I am glad that your chosen presidential candidate won. I am not American but I can tell you that the whole of Europe seemed to be cheering him on too 😉

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