Still Here

I stalk a few pregnant lady and preemie mom blogs, and I always worry when they don’t post. So here I am. Where I always am–in bed. (Actually, I’m mostly on the couch but right now I’m in bed. And eating pretzel m&ms. Sometimes I worry that I make bedrest sound awesome. Hopefully you are wise enough to know that is so not the case. But if you’d like a litany of complaints, I’d be happy to oblige).

Nanny Sunshine started today and was every bit the goddess I knew she would be. Das Big Boy adores her and she’s super helpful to me. Listening to them play with playdough in the kitchen today (they made a sheep), I was overcome by a sense of peace. Pretty incredible sensation for someone who spends most of her time trying to mentally glue her cervix shut.

Tomorrow. Election Day. Big one for many reasons. Go, go, go, Barack, Elizabeth, and Joe!

Baby Girl HH, you stay put.

Below is a gratuitous video of Das Big Boy amusing himself with a game he invented.


5 Comments on “Still Here”

  1. Laura Thomas says:

    i mean, a spinning pig is pretty hilarious, you have to admit 😉

  2. Laura Thomas says:

    ps- reading the lists of tags is pretty hilarious too

  3. Ok. You read my mind and concern. A daily hello is required my dear. Peaceful mama and peaceful children. GOBAMA! Xxx

  4. Karen says:

    More gratuitous videos and more HH installments please!

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