Better Late than Never (Also, Better Late than Early. Hint, hint, Baby HH)

I’m supposed to do a photo recap post every year on Das Big Boy’s birthday. I’m two weeks late. Sorry!


October 21, 2010. The day he was born. 2 lbs, 5 oz. Came out, took a breath, and cried. A miracle.


October 21, 2011. Das Big Boy’s first birthday! He cruised around like a champ, opened presents for the first time, and endured the birthday song.


October 21, 2012. Das Big Boy is two! After receiving lots of toys and even more love for his big day, he may have enjoyed the after-party (playing with his toys) more than the party itself…

At two, Das Big Boy is completely free of all medical equipment (G-Tube came out in early September). Good riddance! He speaks in sentences of up to six words, and loves to run, jump and climb. His favorite activities are reading, identifying letters, playing with his toy barn, and pretending to cook in his new kitchen (especially if one of his toys or dolls pretends to cook with him). He enjoys play-dough and painting, and every time he draws something, he tells you it’s the Huxtables (no, not the ones on TV, our Lady Lawyer/Man Doctor besties). He’s obsessed with owls. He’s cuddly and super-smiley and has the best laugh. I’ve never met anyone more ticklish. He still hates to eat and has a hard time with some food textures, but he enjoys pizza, and pretty much anything else with cheese–quesadilla, mac and cheese, heap of shredded cheese, string cheese. You get the idea. When he’s alone in his crib he sings songs to himself (Happy Birthday, The Alphabet, All the Little Ducks), and invents adorable conversations between his toys.

Every night when I left him in the NICU, after reading him Goodnight Moon (which he now has pretty much memorized), I told him, “I love you with my whole heart, and you’re my whole world.” It’s still true.


2 Comments on “Better Late than Never (Also, Better Late than Early. Hint, hint, Baby HH)”

  1. Andres Blank says:

    so awesome to see how good das big boy looks 🙂 really happy for you guys, can’t wait to catch up soon

  2. Laura Thomas says:

    felish cumpleanos muy tarde al nino grande!

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