A Tale of Two Larrys, or is it Larries?

Today’s tale of the kindness of other folks features two dudes named Larry. One is Larry Ng, the genius mechanic who has taken care of my family’s cars since I was in elementary school. And one is Dr. Larry Rhein, Das Big Boy’s pulmonologist and literally the best doctor we have ever worked with (and we’ve worked closely with more than fifty doctors between my OB travails and Das Big Boy’s health issues). And a lot of those doctors have been simply amazing–gifted physicians who cared deeply about their patients and their families–but none so much as Larry.

After we hired Nanny Sunshine–hooray!!!–(who has been given no opportunity to blog name herself and probably doesn’t know she’s been featured here so prominently. Sorry, NS! Apologies for any awkness!), we realized she would need a car, and that the original Prius–the Grey Ghost–needed a tune-up, fast. She’s a 2004 with 100K miles who’s never had a problem (the Grey Ghost, not Nanny Sunshine), but a tune-up seemed in order. So I called Larry #1. “Hi, Larry, it’s Hipster Hausfrau…Teacher,” I said, because Larry always calls me Teacher. I told him our situation, and that we needed the car as soon as possible so Nanny Sunshine could use it Monday. “No problem,” he said. “Bring it tomorrow morning.”

“It won’t be me,” I tell him. “It will be my husband.”

It wasn’t like this at all. But apparently, people are embarrassed to put pictures of their fender benders on the Internet.

“That’s ok,” says Larry. “I know him, too.” Gotta love the family bond we’ve forged with our mechanic. Also gotta love the fact that Herr Husband once took off the entire front end of my dad’s Audi (not his fault, really, the parking lot at the dealership where we were ironically trying to buy our own car was being resurfaced and had very high curbs. And Audis ride notoriously low.) We thought we had just blown our entire down payment. Larry charged us 25 bucks and it was as good as new.

Problem 1, solved.

Herr Husband reached out to Larry #2 because he wanted to make sure that if we were to deliver Baby Girl Husband Hausfrau (I’m trying new things here) early, that she was set up to be at the best NICU. Dr. Rhein is double-boarded in Neonatology and Pulmonology, meaning he’s wicked smart and that he cares for preemies in the NICU and then follows them for one of their most common problems: respiratory issues. So he works in the NICUs at Beth Israel (aka, the BI, where Baby Girl Husband Hausfrau is scheduled to be born), and Children’s Hospital (on occasion, I think), where sicker babies are sent after being born at other hospitals. So HH emailed to ask him how the system worked. And he said how much we love Larry (#2, not #1, although perhaps Dr. Rhein would appreciate the referral to the area’s best mechanic), so that would obviously be a reason to stay at BI, but wanted to know how the city’s NICUs compared. Larry wrote back immediately, congratulating us and sending John his cell phone number and his availability. How many doctors would: 1) Start off by congratulating you? 2) Give you their cell? 3) Tell you to call pretty much immediately about a matter that didn’t relate to their actual patient. That’s how dedicated he is to their kids and families. His answers were great, too. We know BabyGirlHH will get great care at BI. Their approach sounds very team-based, which we love, and if the folks we know there already are an indication, parents are very much a part of that team. Which is good, because we have a lot of opinions now–overinformed preemie parents! And Larry hopes not to see her in the NICU, but insists we inform him when he’s born so he can visit. (Again, Larry #2, because while I feel warm and fuzzy towards Larry #1, I’m not sure we’re at the hospital visit level yet).

Problem 2, solved.

So that’s how two Larrys/Larries saved the day. I’m also only three hours from being beta complete (having the ‘roids fully on board), which is great. Because frankly, even if I went into labor while typing the very next word, BabyGirlHH would still be inside in four hours.

The ‘roids have the side effect of giving me wicked insomnia and boundless energy that I can’t use. Bummer. They’d be much better if I were still getting up with Das Big Boy at night or chasing him around all day. Or entering an athletic competition. But that’s not their job, I suppose.

Target. You can even get friends here.

Another day saver: my ‘Burban Bestie. She has a four month old of her own, her husband’s away for a month, and she just got power back yesterday after the storm. But she just called me from Whole Foods and brought me food. ‘Cause she’s like that. How did I manage to make my ‘Burban Bestie? (Because mom friending is hard, especially when your kid spends the first year-and-a-half of his life in isolation). I picked her up in Target. But she wasn’t a stranger. I’d Facebook stalked her because she’d married a friend of mine from high school with whom I’d been in touch because he was moving to my ‘burb. But she and I still hadn’t had a chance to meet when I pounced near the towel aisle in Target. By the time we left that day, I knew she was going to be my go to gal. Granted, I thought that meant for wine drinking and coffee walks and playdates, rather than bringing me groceries and entertaining me, but I’m lucky either way.
Thanks again to all of you who have reached out with words and help. You are amazing.  Amazing like this:

Yup. He made the headdress himself. ‘Cause he’s awesome. And that’s what his hair looked like before HH insisted we cut it. I wanted us to be the most hirsute mother-son pair in our town. I think we’ve still got a shot…


4 Comments on “A Tale of Two Larrys, or is it Larries?”

  1. muckle says:

    The best people come from Central Connecticut (referring to Burban Bestie, of course). Well, and wherever the Larries hail from, too, I suppose.

  2. Laura Thomas says:

    Larry Ng saved us many times. Like when my dad ran into a parked school bus in front of WHS, or when I popped a tire while trying to parallel park in front of Coffee Connection (which had waaaaay better frappucinos than what they are now). I think ‘roids are great for productivity. I’m hoping you’ll channel that energy into things like writing on your blog, not voraciously cuticle-cutting (or something..). I for one am happy to see you back en el blogo. And happy for your two Larry’s. What about Cousin Larry, did he not add some laughs as a kid? (I’m really sorry I did this but I just Googled Cousin Larry and look what’s become of him, not good, not good at all. http://bit.ly/VjntLW).

  3. Love it and your amazing Larry boys! Xo from sunny calif where everyone loves Obama!

  4. […] we received our best holiday gift yet: a visit from Nanny Sunshine. You may remember her as the former student/goddess who kept our lives in order while my cervix and […]

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