Happy Birthday, Baby!

To borrow a page (a post?) from Alexa Stevenson, author of Half Baked, the best preemie parenting memoir ever (read it if you want to get a glimpse what my NICU life was really like).

October 21, 2010

October 21, 2011

And also…

And finally…

Yay! Happy birthday, sweet boy. And thank you.


2 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Baby!”

  1. Rachel says:

    We have missed your posts! So sorry for the setbacks with the eating, he will get there. Clearly he hasn’t tried french fries or taco bell! : )

    Happy birthday to the sweetest little boy! You have brought much joy to this world. And wishing mom and dad a very happy day too! What a struggle and triumph this year has been for you all. May every year get easier and easier and bring you ever more happiness.

    Lot’s of love from our family to yours!

    R and gang

  2. Herr Braun says:

    Happy Birthday Hipster Hausfrau’s Baby,

    ich bin auf der suche nach 1st Geburtstag Ideen und irgendwie bin ich hierher gekommen…?

    Sind Sie Deutsch, oder war es nur dass “Hipster Hausfrau” kling gut?

    Alles gute!

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