Take That

Last night for dinner, Das Baby ate more than a full serving of oatmeal (that’s 4+ tablespoons of oatmeal powder) prepared with an ounce of breast milk, plus a full four-ounce jar of pears and mangoes. (I admit it, I feed him jarred food. It’s organic though. And sometimes I make my own baby food and I swear he prefers the jarred stuff. Now I know how my mother felt. Mom, I’m sorry.)

Ha, ha, jar! I have dominated you!

So what was the secret to getting him to snarf down so much food?

I offered him chicken first, of which he ate three bites before starting to spit it out. An improvement over the last time he was offered chicken (with apples), to tell the truth. (Naturally, last time I offered chicken (with sweet potatoes) it was homemade. And who can blame a guy for not taking to ground-up boiled chicken thigh?). So once last night’s chicken was rejected, I wanted to confirm that it was the chicken he was rejecting, not food in general. And then Das Baby went to town on the oatmeal and fruit, as if to say, “Okay, okay, I’ll eat! Just don’t ever try to make me eat that chicken again!”

Of course, I’m sad that Das Baby won’t eat chicken because it’s healthy. But I also think it makes sense, given that babies like the taste of foods they’ve had before, either in amniotic fluid (of which Das Baby got sadly little), or breast milk. So Das Baby is predisposed to the vegetarian palate. And then I got nervous that because we’re both dairy-free, he’s been protein starved. So I force fed myself an egg this morning. Those of you who know me know what a challenge this was, even though I scrambled the egg with cumin and put it on a corn tortilla with salsa. I still wound up using water to swallow most of it, like an amorphous, spongy, fart-scented pill (an image which I think can do double duty as a marvelous insult).


3 Comments on “Take That”

  1. Allison says:

    If he doesn’t like your milk later, it might be the egg. 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    Feed him the jarred stuff and call it a day! He’s like all the guys in this family!

  3. Mom says:

    Oh the things we do for our children! I can’t believe you ate an egg! YOU!! Love you!

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