Quick Answer

Someone arrived at my blog by Googling the question: “Are Bugaboos for yuppies?”
Yes. Yes, my dear, they are indeed. Hope that helps!

Perhaps as a service to yuppies everywhere, and especially to the yuppie/hipster overlap community, I should create a list of yuppie and hipster baby essentials… Any contributions?

My big one is Kicky Pants bamboo jammies (the ones with the gratuitous butt flap are the cutest!).

Kicky Pants, as modeled by Das Baby shortly after his discharge from the hospital. Herr Husband is also wearing bamboo: Panda Snack brand. How cute are my bamboo boys?


2 Comments on “Quick Answer”

  1. Baby furniture from Bellini , You have to send an e-mail for a price quote on a crib and it takes 24-48 hrs to get a reply.

  2. Aubrey says:

    Aden and Anais blankets!

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