Cool Kids

One thing hipsters are supposed to have lots of are cool, artsy friends, right? And one thing hausfraus are supposed to have lots of are couple friends.

Well, the Hipster Hausfrau has lots of cool, artsy couple friends who work together on exciting projects: see MoPa, Beejer (a better writer/editor duo I have yet to meet, and I hold out hope for a joint project one of these days), and Team Oren.

This is a still because I'm too cheap to upgrade to a video account on WordPress. Get off your lazy tushy, click the link above, and go watch it on YouTube!

Team Oren has just released the hilarious FRENTS, a polished, smart and damn funny web series that you (yes, you) should be watching, discussing and promoting.

Ben and Melissa co-wrote it, and Melissa directed it. I’m as in awe of the product as I am of their working relationship. How many of us could work from home with our partner? If they’re game, I’m going to interview them for a future post about how they make it work.

Blurry feet are a nine-month milestone. As is unbelievable cuteness.

In other project news, my child is officially (doctor agrees!) working on his two bottom teeth; you can see the little bumpies, and the pediatrician has prescribed Motrin to help with the fussing/food refusal (yes, we had one of those terrible refusing-to-eat-both-in-tears-agh!-let’s-go-to-the-doctor days yesterday, but today seems better so far). This was how my only child chose to celebrate being nine months old! But by evening he was happier (thanks again, Motrin!) and we snapped this quick phone photo.


2 Comments on “Cool Kids”

  1. Sara says:

    He might beat Emily! She was toothless until 10 months! Stay cool (as in don’t melt)!

  2. Jess Davis says:

    Dude, why I am just now reading your blog? I too just blogged about frents. Glad to hear that Theo is doing well and keeping you guys on your toes. I’m not sure if I would consider Ben and Melissa hipsters. Meliss, I think your Tori Burch wedges count you out. But I do miss the Bklyn hipster. Last time we were hanging in Williamsburg there was a mommy stroller group in the park and I’m pretty sure the number of full sleeve tattoos was almost equal to the number of toddlers.

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