And yes, it does feel so good.

Today, Herr Husband and I will be reunited with our worldly possessions, which have been in storage since 1) being treated with toxic, bedbug killing gas and 2) my water broke. As you may recall, we were in the process of vacating our lovely but infested Cobble Hill/BK Heights (depending on my audience at any given time) apartment when I became the PPROM queen.

It really was a lovely apartment. Until it became unbearably itchy. (L-R) Gigi, Herr Husband. Not pictured: foreknowledge of insects to come.

So I left home to go to the hospital, thinking I was just enduring another bout of pregnant lady paranoia, and never returned. Then Herr Husband (and Popsi, my father) had to hire exterminator/movers to come collect our things, poison them, and put them in storage for what turned out to be ten months.

This meant that upon hospital discharge in late October I had a random collection of outfits including summer clothes and things that fit me while I was pregnant. Stress, and then lactating, quickly got me down to a weight I hadn’t seen since a) high school and b) that time I did Weight Watchers with an undiagnosed thyroid condition and lost five pounds a week, and was all, “Weight Watchers is amazing!”

I’ve done some delightful, cheapie shopping and have managed to outfit myself with clothes and shoes quite happily during the absence of my “real” stuff. In fact, I’ve been quite surprised at how little I’ve missed any of my belongings. Maybe because I’ve been just a little busy with Das Baby, and haven’t had time to do things like, oh, peruse books on literary theory, or dig through my book research, or wash my face.

Have you read "Clever Elsie"? Check it out. That is one fabulously weird fairy tale. Quite possibly written by stoners.

Still, it’s going to be fun to see what turns up today. To drink coffee made in my French Press. To introduce Das Baby to my old children’s books that I read to him while he was in utero (however briefly), and known only as Baby Muda.

Less fun is that it will be 93 degrees today. Good thing we’re at the life stage where we pay other people to move our crap.

Because of the move, it may be a relatively slow blogging week, but upcoming topics include: the delightful reemergence of former students as fostered by this blog, the overdue post on our shabby chic NH junket, and Google+ as a techie re-imagining of middle school social hierarchies.


3 Comments on “Reunited…”

  1. Karen says:

    Congrats on being reunited with your stuff! And I can’t even begin to convey how giddy I am with anticipation for your analysis of Google+!!!

  2. jack hobbs says:

    i love this new blog.

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