New Writing Gig!

Loyal reader(s),

That’s right, the Hipster Hausfrau has a new writing job! I’m a writer for the “Haute Mama” section of Ask Miss A, an online women’s magazine. It’s notable for its refreshingly snark-free approach to online women’s writing, which means it will be a fun challenge for me!

But don’t worry, it’s advice driven writing, which means I get to boss people (and to boss a much larger audience than ever before). Those of you who in the days before Das Baby spent time with me at an event where alcohol was served know that bossing people was one of my favorite boozy activities (along with skanky dancing, talking excessively about myself, and throwing pity parties).

Yup. That’s right. I’ll be giving snark (and alcohol) free parenting advice.

You can work on digesting that while I work on my next post.

But in all seriousness, I hope you’ll check out my writing for this new venue. I’ll be writing about taking care of kids and taking care of oneself. It’s an opportunity about which I’m very excited!

Gratuitous and cute photo of Das Baby. Please don't evaluate the cleanliness of my bathroom floor.


One Comment on “New Writing Gig!”

  1. Lindsay Berube says:

    UGH so cute! 🙂

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