Color Code

One of the fun but pressure filled things about getting das Haus ready for our move in is painting it. Our other projects are bigger: putting in a deck, replacing the heat system (how the heck do you live without heat upstairs?), even plastering over the gaudy peach stucco in the living room (actually the first thing we got done!)…seriously, what is this, Florida? But painting is a way of claiming space.

It’s also really hard. Not the labor part, because we’re hiring someone to do that. Huzzah! But the color picking part.

So first of all, when we were house hunting, I fell in love with this blue dining room in a house that we otherwise didn’t want.

See how attractive? This is NOT das Haus, btw, but that house we didn't want.

But then, not one, but two trusted friends independently tell me that blue curbs appetite, so I shouldn’t have a blue dining room.

And the red accent wall I was considering for the bedroom? All wrong, I am told. Red makes you hungry (which is why everyone and their mother has a red dining room, a lovely look, true, but I wanted something different).

Then there’s the living room. We don’t want to buy a new couch because a) we’re too poor after Haus buying b) it seems wasteful and environmentally unfriendly and totally out of tune with my new obsession with reclaimed furniture and c) that big beige couch may not be so attractive, but man, is it comfortable (those of you who’ve sat/slept/passed out on it know just what I mean). But because the couch is beige, I’ve decided the room has to be a color. I had fantasies of a purple, green and grey room, which are now dashed because grey walls and a beige couch sound horrible. But the purple and green can stay. So the room will be green. Our old living room in JP was green, a far brighter green than we had intended, in fact, but because we painted ourselves and it took days and was exhausting, we decided to embrace it.

Lost Atlantis is darker than this hydrangea; I only mean to say that the green and blue go together because they recall the hydrangea. Whatever. Just tell me it sounds pretty, regardless of what you think.

This time, I test drove EIGHT greens before deciding: Asparagus, Spring Meadow, Spring Valley, Tea Light, Sagely, Guilford Green, Mellowed Ivory and Saybrook Sage. (I wish naming paint colors were my job, btw.And I find the names greatly influence my opinion of the color because I am far more language oriented than visual). Several looked dangerously close to seafoam once they were up on the wall, which again conjured my fear of looking like old Floridians. One was painfully bright, and two were too dark.  So it appears that Guilford Green is the winner–a sort of light sagey, yellowy, grey green.  And the dining room, which has to match the living room because you look through an arch from one to the other, will be Lost Atlantis, which is a dark, purplish blue. The effect of the two together should be sort of hydrangeaish.

So that’s two rooms down. Anyone have favorite paint colors for a baby room? Our bedroom? A favorite yellow for the kitchen? Because if there’s one thing I’m sure of, a kitchen should be yellow, even if you tell me yellow will do something funky, like make people horny.

Because I don’t see what’s wrong with a house where people are uninterested in food in the dining room, horny in the kitchen, and hungry in the bedroom. Sounds like home to me.


7 Comments on “Color Code”

  1. arwcook says:

    We have a dark gray-blue dining room and to my knowledge no one has had any problems eating in there. My scale concurs. We have Saybrook Sage in our kitchen. Babe’s room is Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue – the color was chosen when the room was my office (very calming color) and we planned to keep it for the room regardless of what flavor baby we ended up with. It’s not too precious. I like bright yellow accents with it. If you want a warm yellow, I like BM Straw. We have it in our pantry. As you can see, I’m very good at recommending the paint colors we have in our own home. 🙂 Love the new blog! xo

    • Leda says:

      Hey, Ashley,
      Thank you for the fabulous tips! Next time I’m at the paint store, I’m totally checking out Straw and Palladian Blue! And I’m relieved to hear that your blue dining room hasn’t turned anyone off food. I remember eating a fabulous meal there (and spilling wine while gesticulating), so it clearly had no effect on me (unless it gave me the drunken spillies, but let’s be honest, I don’t think we can blame the paint for that).

      • Laura says:

        Our dining room is dark red and kitchen is a perfect yellow…how predictable are we? But they were painted these colors when we bought the place-so I don’t know the names of the colors. The only blue room we have is the nursery 🙂

      • Leda says:

        Classic, not predictable! 🙂
        How is dear, sweet baby Wes? And Will? And Jim?
        Hope we can get our guys together for an epic playdate some day!

  2. […] If there’s one thing the Hipster Hausfrau reads a lot of, it’s Nazi books. Not because she’s likes Nazis (she hates them, duh), but because her book is about her grandmother’s role in the Nazi resistance. Back when she stored a lot of her books in the dining room, her guests had to look at shelf after shelf of books about concentration camps, partisan fighters, and Hitler. Certainly less appetizing than blue paint. […]

  3. dayna says:

    leda… my opinion…. (lol) is paint whatever colors YOU like and want… not what people tell you would be good or bad!!! YOU live there, not them… and i cant see it from my house. ….


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