Creative Outlets

Well-meaning folks often ask me how my writing is going, in light of the year I’ve just had. If you need an overview of my previous year, click here: My Year in Review.

So yeah, I’ve been kind of busy. Not putting as much work into ye olde book (or showering, or remembering to eat) as I’d like. Although I did manage to complete my final semester of classes for my MFA in creative nonfiction writing at The New School this spring.  And I bought a house. And I kept Das Baby alive.

But fear not. I have found some creative outlets. Like song writing. I love to make up songs to sing to Das Baby, and I recommend it as a way to bond with your kid and amuse yourself. The good news is, your baby finds you hilarious no matter what, and it will take him/her a while to discern that you have the vocal range of a frustrated hippopotamus.

My dear cousin (Dear cousin, you know who you are, and if you want a bloggy code name now is the time to suggest one) doesn’t believe in parenting advice because she knows how individual each parent’s experience is. But she did tell me this: “Never, ever play them children’s music, because then you get stuck listening to it. All. The. Time. You can kiss your radio stations (and your sanity) goodbye.” She speaks from experience. The last time I saw her, the Annie soundtrack was blasting from her car. “Hard Knock Life” indeed.

So I’ve made Das Baby some great mixes of songs that I’ve rewritten to be about baby experiences. “Summertime Blues” is “Tummy Time Blues.” “Funkytown” is “Tummytime.” And MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” has the lyric “Stop! Tummy Time!” (We were working on tummy time for quite a while there). And now I’ve broken a mutual promise with my child because we both swore to never, ever tell anyone that the other likes MC Hammer. Sorry, Das Baby.

But, artist that I am, I also write my own material. I’ll leave you with a favorite (click the link to hear a performance):

Where is the burp?


Where is the burp, where is the burp, where is the burp, my baby?
Where is the burp, where is the burp, where is the burp, my boy?
Is it down, down here?
Is it up, up here?
Is it over on the left?
Is it over on the right?
Is it somewhere in the middle?
Is it all around?
Where is the burp my boy?
Where is the burp my boy?
Where is the burp my boy?

And yes, my boy does oblige by burping at the end of the audio. He is his mother’s son.


2 Comments on “Creative Outlets”

  1. Leda says:

    Das Baby’s playlists just totally outed me as a non-hipster. But isn’t being a hipster about making the uncool cool? And don’t all hipsters want to not be identified as hipster’s anyway? My brain hurts.

  2. […] to catch this on video but she goes all coy when the camera comes out. In addition, she shares her brother’s appreciation for MC Hammer. That’s my […]

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