WordPress thinks I should call this post “Hello world!” Done.

Hello world.

Yes, I’m reentering the blogosphere under a new moniker: the Hipster Hausfrau.  I know what you’re thinking.  If you’re one of my hipster-type Brooklyn friends, it’s: “Leda, you’re not a hipster” (eyeroll behind thick black framed glasses).

Unseen Hipster Glasses. Ironic.

Hipsters like these glasses. Also, big teeth. Why is that?

If you’re my husband, who’s seen my homemaking skills firsthand, or if you’re one of my suburban stay-at-home-mom-friends (and yes, I’m admittedly still looking for you, so please leave a comment and we can set up a playdate), you’re thinking, “Since when are you a hausfrau?”

But the truth is, I’m a hipster among the hausfrau set (see my large collections of hats and irony), and I’m more hausfrau than any hipster you know, except for maybe the Jello Mistress of Brooklyn, and I think even she has a paying outside the home job (I would also like to be friends with you, Jello Mistress.  Playdate next time I’m in Brooklyn?).

Me in hat. Glass of wine and attendant strange facial expression reveal that this photo was taken BDB (Before Das Baby).

Actually, not having a paying job is something that my lives in Brooklyn and the ‘burbs have in common.

I want a place to write about transitioning to ‘burban life (not to be confused with Bourbon life), about parenting (preemie parenting in particular), and about books.  Also, about whatever else I want.

Sorry you can't see it.  But now you can't stalk me.

Our house. It's a very, very, very fine house. That was our wedding song. See, I'm not always ironic.

You might be an old subscriber to the dearly departed Doubleawk.

Doubleawk looked like this, but you can't see her.

Doubleawk on a celebstalking mission. I do not dress like this for the pediatrician. I usually wear baby vomit instead. And anxiety.

There were, like, six of you.  Why, you ask, couldn’t you just post at Doubleawk?  Well, Doubleawk was urban in tone, and dealt with things like celebrity stalking. That’s not my life anymore. The celebrity I’ve seen most recently is my son’s pediatrician, Dr. John Cloherty.  He wrote the Manual of Neonatal Care.  I’ve been too shy to ask him to sign my copy.  But not too shy to ask nine-million questions about baby poop.

So here goes…


5 Comments on “WordPress thinks I should call this post “Hello world!” Done.”

  1. Deanne Moore says:

    Glad to see doubleawk-slash-hausfrau back in business. Looking forward to your new posts about poop, bourbon/’burbs, and play dates! Love your new home – Congrats!

  2. Allison says:

    I am an expert in baby poop…it is probably going to come back to bite me in the butt that I just wrote that (for a number of reasons.) I love the new blog and am ready for a play date.

  3. Sam says:

    LOVE this! I’m so glad you’re writing again… makes my day!

  4. woowoomama says:

    another poop and playdate expert here.
    also my suburb and more suburban that yours. so there is that too.

    we’d love a kid friendly playdate anytime
    or a mom’s only playdate some evening if you want (preferably not a dry one)


  5. […] those by people actually looking for me) that most consistently sends people here. And I do have a picture of said glasses, so hopefully these customers are […]

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